What is Pilates equipment?

Pilates equipment, or apparatus, were originally designed to help support and strengthen the body so that the client could perform their matwork routine at home.  Joseph Pilates found that the use of springs and resistance allowed clients learn and work with better movement patterns. A classical Pilates studio will have several different apparatus, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Small Barrels.  Some additional props include the Magic Circle, exercise bands, and hand weights.

The Reformer 

Pilates Equipment - The ReformerPilates equipment - Footwork on the ReformerIMG_9533

The Reformer was the first apparatus that Joseph Pilates invented almost a century ago. It is the most popular piece of Pilates equipment. The Reformer provides both resistance and assistance for a variety of Pilates exercises. 

  • Up to 100 pounds of spring resistance
  • The carriage glides in and out
  • Exercises can be done lying, sitting, standing, and kneeling.

The Cadillac


Pilates Equipment - The CadillacPilates equipment - The Cadillac Hanging Pull-upsExercises on The Cadillac

The Cadillac, also known as the Trapeze Table, is a raised table outfitted with bars, straps, and springs.  It can be used for endless exercises ranging from gentle to advanced acrobatics.  

  • Includes arm springs, leg springs, roll-back bar, and a push-through bar. 
  • Pilates exercises can be performed sitting, lying down, kneeling, standing, and even upside down!

The Wunda & High Chair 


Pilates Equipment - The Wunda ChairPilates Equipment - The High Chair

Though this piece of Pilates equipment may be small, the Wunda & High Chair packs a powerful punch in your Powerhouse!  These versatile chairs builds core stability, improves athletic performance, rehabilitates the body after injury, and increases overall fitness.  The high chairs adds a tall board to help with alignment of the back and legs, and handles to assist clients with more challenging exercises.

  • Exercises can be performed sitting, standing, or lying on the chair
  • Strengthens and stretches the arms, legs, and spine
  • Can be flipped on its backside to become a super comfy chair!

The Barrels: The Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector & Small Barrels


Pilates Equipment - Ladder BarrelPilates Equipment - Spine CorrectorPilates Equipment - The Ladder Barrel

The Barrels are Pilates equipment designed with a focus on stretching and correcting spinal alignment. With a combination of ladder rungs and a large barrel surface, the Ladder Barrel is excellent for stretching, strengthening, and flexibility exercises. The Spine Corrector is a small but effective piece of equipment aimed at lengthening and strengthening our spine (hence the name!), shoulders, and hips.  Small Barrels (not pictured) is the smallest of the barrels and provides a gentle arc for safe and effective extension of the spine. 

  • The entire matwork routine can be performed on the Spine Corrector to support and encourage deeper core work
  • The Ladder Barrel allows for standing, hanging, bending, and climbing exercises.

 All Pilates equipment for The Body Haus were handcrafted and custom designed by Pilates Designs by Basil. Basil Blecher designs follow the original plans and proportions of Pilates equipment created by Joseph Pilates.  High quality equipment designed for a high quality workout.