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It’s Pilates. It’s Physical Therapy.  It’s for You.

Men.  Women.  beginners.  ATHLETES.  Pregnant.  Injured.  


The Body Haus is located in the heart of German Village in Columbus, Ohio. It’s not your typical fitness gym.  It’s a studio ~ a private space that focuses on YOU.  There are no TVs, no lines for equipment, and better yet no instructors yelling into a microphone. A Board Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapist and Power Pilates instructor will lead you through a powerful, effective, and completely safe Pilates workout ~ all within one hour. Get ready to work your core to perfection, strengthen & stretch your muscles, and most importantly learn you to take control of your life and body. 


Exercise Smarter, Not Harder…that’s The Body Haus Way.

The Body Haus is a private studio outfitted with classical pilates equipment.

The Studio

The Body Haus offers private and semi-private Pilates and Physical Therapy sessions.  You will utilize classical pilates equipment to turn your core on while you strengthen, stretch, and gain control over your body.  The studio is located in Columbus, Ohio in historic German Village.

An advanced classical exercise called snake performed on the reformer.


The Body Haus teaches real classical Pilates.  Pilates was invented over a century ago by Joseph Pilates.  He was a boxer, circus performer, and man ahead of his time.  Joe developed a series of exercises performed with flow, precision, and control.

Crystal Santin Owner of The Body Haus

To make a true change in your body you must take responsibility for the way you move during your workout and throughout your daily life. Take charge, ask questions, work at your own ability, have fun…that’s intelligent exercise

Crystal Santin, PT, DPT, OCS, AT

Owner of The Body Haus

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The Body Haus
193 E. Beck Street, REAR
Columbus, OH 43206

(Please note The Body Haus is located on Macon Alley behind the home of 193 E. Beck St)

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When you notice every movement of your body, you realize just how much control you have in your mind. That’s the power of PILATES.